Monday, April 22, 2013

Breakfast : Cold Tuna Sandwich

It been a while I didn't ate sandwich so this morning i'm eagerly wakes up early and prepare my sandwich.

Ingredient : your own measurement
Canned tuna chunk in oil
Fresh salad
Egg-boiled and cut it into pieces
2 slice of bread (any type)

Since it's a simple sandwich, I didn't add any mayonnaise or chili souse or tomato ketchup plus the tuna itself contain a little bit salt.
Arrange all the ingredient according to your taste. Wrap the sandwich with transparent food wrapping plastic and put it in fridge to make it cold a bit.
While for my hubby who is in diet program, I didn't serve with bread but use the salad to wrap everything.


                                Salad wrap-without the bread

                                             For me and him.