Friday, November 23, 2012

Plain and Empty

It has been 4 months i didn't update my blog. During this period, i've just read what other wrote and end up become silent reader. We have another 1 month plus to celebrate new year and it would be crusial year for me as i need to think more ahead regarding family, financial and health. I've started writing new year resolutions but planning to earn more money has been on my mind recently. I've thinking about :
1. selling product (but i'm not good in persuade people into buying product),
2. into food business like baking or cooking (who want to buy my food as others like to  claim their cooking is the best-praise themselve)
3. tailoring (i don't like to touch threads but it is a very good business nowadays)

I have no idea what to do!!!!

p/s : I've missed Jayne and saras so much...